Caught on Camera: Caledonia Woman Captures Shot of Black Bear

- CALEDONIA --  A few feet; that's how close the black bear, prowling the stateline, came to one local woman's house.

He crossed county lines today and ended up in Penny Kolb's backyard.

She snapped some incredible photos as the bear headed back into a field near her Caledonia home. But when Kolb first saw him he was walking by her back deck.

She says she first thought it was a large dog until she got closer to her window.

"I never thought I was going to see a wild black bear in my yard, that just never ever occurred to me in my wildest dreams," said Kolb.

The bear also took a souvenir with him. Kolb says one of her solar lights was laying in another flower bed and the ceramic bird on top is now gone.

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