Chicago Train Ax Reveals Danger We All Encounter Every Day

By Phillip Reed |

Published 03/26 2014 09:36PM

Updated 03/27 2014 07:32AM

Rockford- The driver of the CTA that was derailed early Monday morning says she fell asleep on the job. This is not her first time doing that. Sleep expert Dr. Vivek Thappa isn’t surprised.

Thappa says “jobs which are where you can sit down for example; driving, or in a train, or in an airplane where your external stimulation particularly at night time when it’s low, your tendency to fall asleep is very high,”

He says a majority of Americans are sleep deprived. Thappa adds “you can function on months on end with reduced sleep if you are allowed to take multiple small naps, but most people don’t have jobs that allow you to take multiple small naps during the day.”

Ken Bons owns Spirit CDL, a truck driving school. He says truckers sometimes drive up to eleven hours a day. Bons says “the thing is like we tell all our students is that when you’re out there on

He recommends every couple of hours to pull over to take a break at rest areas for at least fifteen minutes. Even if that means possibly being late to your destination.

Officials are looking at the CTA train driver’s schedule to see if it compromised safety. Dr. Thappa says people who operate trains, planes, and trucks should stay on a set schedule.

He also recommends employers who are changing their worker’s hours to do it gradually so they can ease into the new shift.

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