Cities Gear Up for a Slick Stateline

WINNEBAGO- Winter sales are in full-swing at Sullivan’s Ace Hardware, as customers raid the pellets of salt to clear walkways.

Not to mention the people buying everything from scrapers to de-icer in anticipation of freezing rain and more cold temperatures.

"We are starting to see some traffic because folks are anticipating the ice and snow this weekend," reported Sullivan’s Ace Hardware Employee Irv Coning.

Meanwhile, Stateline salt truck crews are on standby. Rockford Streets Superintendent Mark Stockman says they'll have 22 plows on arterial roadways if needed depending on the severity of the storm.

He’s also planning for snow in the forecast Saturday night. And is making sure his crews aren't overworked while on the roads. 

"We’ve got back up crews on standby as well for this weekend, so that if we get into a situation where we need to get guys some rest we can have a second crew come in and take over for them," explained Stockman.

A rough week in what's already been an active season. He's asking for motorists help to keep city streets clear.

"Keep a safe distance from our trucks. Don’t try to pass them as they're performing their duties," advised Stockman. 

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