City Council to Discuss Future of Ingersoll Building

Rockford- It’s the eight million dollar question, what to do with the old Ingersoll Building sitting in downtown Rockford.

The original plan was to make it a sporting facility, but some Alderman is having doubts.

Fifth Ward Alderman Vernita Hervey says “as we started looking at all of these things, the cost just seem to be going not out of control, but out of what we had thought this kind of sports complex would require.”

That’s why city council is meeting to discuss withholding issuing an eight million dollar bond for the Ingersoll Project.  Hervey says there is plenty of work to be done. She’s heard rumors of the building’s concrete floor needing to be razed due to the building being close to the Rock River.

Hervey says “some Alderman just had discussions with people in the construction industry who said you know you know just looking at what the school district was doing to build their field houses; you would be betters off just tearing it down and building a new facility.

This will be the first formal city council discussion of the project since last November. There are new faces at city council since then.

Rockford city council will meet Monday at 7pm.

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