City Reacts To Backlash After Shelter Shut Down

- ROCKFORD - More than 25,000 names from all across the nation fill the pages of a petition, asking Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey, to re-open the warming center at Apostolic Pentecostals of Rockford.  Pastor Frederick who was in charge of running the warming center said “I think what it does though all across America is we hit a heart string that you know if was homeless I would want someone to help me"

The petition was put together by Faithful America, an online group of Christians who sent their support to the Pastor Frederick and his congregation. Pastor Frederick took the petition to City Hall on Monday, to sit down with the Mayor Morrissey and discuss options for reopening.  “We had a great discussion, both on the building side of things, what his building would have to do if he wants to continue to operate either a warming center or a shelter and I also invited him to join our local continuum of care”

Pastor Fredericks also believes he had a successful conversation with the City of Rockford.  “The city of Rockford said that something they want to do is start working together, with the church and the city, and that churches need to be a part of the solution to the problem”

David Franklin, who lived at the Apostolic Pentecostals of Rockford Church for over three months, said he now has nowhere to call home since the warming center closed.  “Being diabetic, it gave me a place to get off of the streets where it was warm, and medically I needed a place to go”

As for when the church will reopen, Pastor Frederick is in wait and see mode.  “I think what we will start off doing right now, is just checking to see what they want us to do at this location, and then if enough funds came in, we would gladly go to another place”

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