Closing the Gap: What Two Polls Say About Race for Governor

WTVO/WQRF -- State Senator Kirk Dillard visits Rockford on Wednesday to continue to push his strategy of gaining endorsements wherever he can for the Republican nomination for Governor.  He'll garner the endorsement of several Stateline County Chairmen.

It's one way he's working to attempt to counteract frontrunner millionaire businessman Bruce Rauner's huge funding advantage.  Dillard is also hitting the airwaves with hard-hitting ads which accuse Rauner of not being conservative enough when it comes to issues such as abortion, gay marriage and gun rights.

But will it be enough?  At the moment, that depends on who you ask.

WGN-TV and the 'Chicago Tribune' released a poll Wednesday which shows Rauner with a significant but not insurmountable lead.  It shows:

Bruce Rauner:  36%
Kirk Dillard:  23%
Bill Brady:  18%
Dan Rutherford:  9%
Undecided:  13%

To win, the poll shows Dillard would not only have to take a large share of the undecided vote, but also convince Republicans who support Brady or Rutherford that their candidate cannot win, that he can, and convince them to switch.

But the latest 'We Ask America' tracking poll indicates undecided voters are too divided for Dillard to bridge the gap, and may be leaning towards voting for Rauner.  The automated tracking poll eliminated the option of 'undecided' ... voters polled who are likely to vote in Tuesday primary election had to make a choice.  Here's how their sample of 1235 likely GOP voters chose:

Bruce Rauner:  46.5%
Kirk Dillard:  25.8%
Bill Brady:  18.9%
Dan Rutherford:  8.9%

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