Cold Memorial Day Weekend for Stateliners

Stateliners enjoying the Young at Heart Parade. Children enjoying the candy. Their parents are making sure they stay bundled up. Or at least attempting to.


Parade watcher Joe Kachmar says "it's a little chilly, I asked him if he needed a coat, but you know how kids are, and I'm the one that's wearing the jacket."


A cold and rainy Memorial Day Weekend is no surprise to some Stateliners. Even though last year was quite the opposite.


Thomas Beard of Rockford says "it's always rain, Memorial Day Weekend, it always rains."


Kachmar says "normally the weather here, for this kind of season, it's either raining or cold."


Meanwhile at Rockford's Ingersoll Golf Course, golfers are out in full swing. They are not letting the weather stop them from teeing off.


Nancy Kauzlarich of the Rockford Park District says "golfers just come out. They wear their gear or light jacket, and just come out and enjoy playing the game of golf."


Golfers like Keith Crawford. He plans to golf all Memorial Day Weekend with his buddies. He says nothing stops them from playing. Well maybe one thing.


Crawford says "thunder and lightning. That's pretty much the only thing that stops us from playing because in the cold weather, we just dress for the cold and be prepared for the hot."


It's been a long winter, and these golfers are excited to finally see grass....instead of snow.


Kauzlarich says "they've been waiting a long time to get out on the golf course."

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