ComEd Watching Fordham Dam Water Levels

Rockford-The Fordham Dam plays an important role in controlling water levels in the Rock River. Current high volumes of water are exceeding what the dam can control. It is forcing utilities like Com-Ed to make adjustments.

Paul Callighan of Com-Ed says "this past Thursday, the gates were at a point where we no longer had any further flexibility on operating them with the high water coming in, so we totally opened all the gates positioned from out of the water."


Fordham Dam is not a flood controlled dam. Paul Callighan says if they kept the flood gates opened, water could have leaked onto Rockford's downtown area, causing a possible flood.


Callighan says "there's no longer anything we can do in terms of either further opening the gates so it's just totally what the impact of the river is with the high water and just doing what it is supposed to do."


Residents on Blackhawk Island are overwhelmed by the unprecedented water level. Jason Strahorn of Rockford says "this is the most water I have seen ever and we have been staying here about fourteen years."


Flood levels are forcing Strahorn to stay with his brother until the water recedes. It's also stopping him from going about daily routines such as grocery shopping. Strahorn says "you can't get your standard groceries you get any other time you know so you just got to kind of get what you can to get by and get water, go to have plenty of water because all the wells are covered.


Strahorn plans on staying with his brother until the end of April at the least.


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