Concealed Carry Permits Approved, Ready to be Printed and Mailed

On January 5th the State of Illinois opened the application process for concealed carry permits.

"We have almost 5,000 applications in the final approval stage and we'll start producing and mailing the cards today," said Illinois State Police Col. Marc Maton.

The results came in advance of the law's deadline. Charles Block is the president of Rockford Detective and Security Agency. He helps people through the online process of filling out the application.

"Some people don't have computers at home to do it, or are just unable to understand the concept of how to scan and upload digital pictures and their training certificate," said Block. 

Rockford Detective and Security Agency uses this machine to digitally scan your finger print. They then use a separate computer to send that finger print to Illinois State Police and the FBI.

Once everything is sent then the state can review the application. Kap Guns Owner Kenny Polhamus says enrollment for the state required 16 hour class to qualify for a permit has leveled out at his store. 

"It seems like it's slowing down a little bit now. I think the people that really wanted a permit went and got it done. I think we'll see a spike here soon, once people start getting their permits," explained Polhamus.

Illinois State Police says their next step is to create a database of license holders.

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