Concealed Carry Questions Being Answered Online by Illinois State Police

ROCKFORD, Ill.--All the concern surrounding the new law has compelled authorities to create a new website on concealed carry.

Senator Dave Syverson says the website will ease concerns.

"We're happy that the State Police decided to create a one-stop shop place where you can go and get a lot of those questions answered," Syverson said.

Forest City Gun shop owner Eric Sonnenberg hears one question a lot.

"I'm overwhelmed with phone calls of people asking about applications and I tell people 'well those applications don't exist yet,'" Sonnenberg said.

Once they do exist, Sonnenberg knows there will be a lot of them being filled out.

"When Wisconsin got it two years ago, there were 80,000 applications and people thought that was a lot and it was. But it's peanuts compared to what we're going to see in Illinois."

And as far as training goes?

"That's still a gray area," Sonnenberg said. "We don't know a lot."

"They shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel," Syverson said. "There's already gun safety courses being offered, other states have already done it. So we hope the State Police would move forward quickly."

State Police officials in Pecatonica directed all questions about their handle of the website or questions regarding concealed carry to officials in Springfield.

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