Concerns over Speeding Bring New Traffic Circles


UPDATE (VIDEO) – The City of Rockford could soon have three new traffic circles.

One on Second St. and Oak St., another one at Second St. and Grove St. and a third one at Crosby St. and Highland Ave.

"We are putting barrels out there right now; we don’t have any plans to put a curb island in there that's what a traffic circle would be, so right now we just have the barrels out there. We are going to observe it, [and] we're welcoming any comments from the public," said Tim Hinkens, Assistant Traffic Engineer for the City of Rockford.

Traffic circles are designed to make people slow down at busy intersections, but some residents believe this idea won’t make people slow down.

"A lot of people don’t know when to stop at one of those is basically just a yield, and lots of time some people just keep going around the circle; and they don’t know when to come out," said Dalila Mays.

"I don’t think is a good idea. I think is dangerous. I would see four stop signs would be more convenient if there is a speeding trouble or maybe sped bums; or something to slow things down, but I don’t think a circle would be convenient," said Beth Bowers.

For the next three months the city will evaluate and welcome feedback from the public. Later they will decide whether or not the traffic circles would go. If you would like to voice your opinion call Hinkens at 815-967-6741.

ROCKFORD - City leaders lay the groundwork for more traffic circles.

The city is considering adding three more traffic circles in the area.  The locations being considered are:

  • S. 2nd and Oak St.
  • S. 2nd and Grove St.
  • Crosby St. and N. Highland Ave.

The city is studying how a traffic circle will work at those intersections.  Traffic drums have already been setup to simulate a traffic circle.  The city says the circles work well to slow down traffic in residential areas.

The study is expected to last three months.

We'll have more on this story on Eyewitness News Local at 5 and 6.

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