Congressman Kinzinger Wants U.S. Air Support in Iraq

This video from Iraqi officials shows airstrikes killing militants linked to Al-Qaeda in the Anbar Province

It’s the same area Lance Corporal Neil Petsche of Lena, 21, was killed in 2004.

Now his father Veteran David Petsche is closely following the recent attacks near Baghdad.

"The outfit he was attacked with fought in Fallujah in 04’ and 03’ so it's kind of a touching story, it hits home," explained Petsche.

It does for 16th District U.S. Congressman and Iraqi War Veteran Adam Kinzinger too. He took to the House Floor calling on the Obama Administration to provide limited U.S. Air Force support to the Iraqi Military.

"The United States needs to use limited air power in Iraq to push Al-Qaeda back out of Iraq. We need strong intelligence assets to work with the government of al-Maliki to ensure that Al-Qaeda has no foothold in Iraq again," said Congressman Kinzinger.

Petsche believes the U.S. should stick with the democracy they put in place, but also says having a military background gives him a different perspective than those who haven't served.

"We started it; we shouldn't run away from it so limited air strikes, limited air support according to the Iraqis call for it, I say go for it" said Petsche.

Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno opposes boots on the ground in Iraq, but is not commenting on air support.

"I would say this is certainly not the time to put American troops on the ground. I think it's time for them to step up and see what they can do," said Odierno.

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