Construction Leaving Stateline Drivers In Traffic Jam

- ROCKFORD - Honking horns are a sound that has become all too familiar for drivers on Bypass 20 between Alpine Road and the 11th street exits. As Stateline drivers hit a major traffic jam.

Alivia Holman, a Stateline driver said the construction is a large inconvenience “It goes into one lane, and then people try to pass you to get in front of you, and it is just a hectic mess”

Others were able to get out of the traffic jam, but had to take a few detours. “I had to go past two of my exits, just to make a u-turn and come back two miles to get off” Brian Daliege, a Stateline driver.

The construction project is part of a nearly $200,000 construction project to repair and resurface the I-39 ramp, which the Illinois Department of Transportation says is too narrow to work on and handle traffic at the same time, forcing drivers to find an alternate route.

One of those detours takes drivers off of Route 20 and onto 11th street where drivers make a U-turn on Sandy Hollow and then re-enter on the east bound clover leaf ramp and take that to I-39. The re-route causing confusion for many drivers “Going down to 11th street waiting at the light, turning then hitting two more lights” said Holman

If you think the construction ends there, think again. The U.S. 20 exit ramp to Alpine Road is also shut down, causing even more delays, but John Wegmeyer of the Illinois Department of Transportation said there is a method behind the construction madness. “We have had issues with traffic backing out onto the interstate and stopped traffic, we have had accidents which creates a dangerous situation out there”

Below Is  A Link To The Illinois Department Of Transportation Website, Explains Delays And Detours.

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