Corn Crop Is Taller Than Last Year- What This Means To Farmers and Consumers

- Farmer Earl Williams rides his tractor around his stateline farmhouse. (see attached video)
Where his corn crop has now prospered into a healthy field of green.

"A very healthy looking corn plant."

Farmers say stateline crops have had just the right amount of rain and sunshine this summer leaving the corn in better shape than years past.

"The crops growing well it likes cool temperatures and adequate moisture," said Earl Williams, President of Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau.  

It's not just Williams' field that's in great shape. The United States Department of Agriculture has given high ratings to corn crops state wide.

"This year we have one of the ratings for good to excellent corn crops that I can remember, said Williams.  

"The report stated that across the state of Illinois that we're about 82 percent of the corn is at the silking stage and we're probably right around there as well. The five year average is about 70 at this time and last year we were at about 58 percent," said Ann Marie Cain, Manager at Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau. 

The corn crop is about a foot and a half taller than last years which is great news for farmers and also consumers

"Typically a really good year does bring the price of corn down because theres more corn available. The market price is always based on supply and demand," said Cain.

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