Could a Government Shutdown Affect Veteran Benefits?

The clock is ticking as a Federal Government shutdown looms. Former 16th district Congressman Don Manzullo was in office when Government last closed its doors in 1996.

Manzullo says “this is nothing that was not anticipated by the framers of the constitution and that is when you have differences of opinion. Especially with how much money you’re gonna spend. These things happen.”

Manzullo says this shutdown is different from previous ones because the military will not get paid.

Manzullo says “it’s just a matter of being able to sit down try to figure out why a government cannot spend more money then it takes in, and everybody putting their heads together and becoming more reasonable.”

Stateline Veterans should also be a little worried. It could cause headaches for those applying for benefits. Officials say they’ll be dealing with a staff shortage.

Ryan Yantis of the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs says “only emergency essential personnel would be coming into work. And they would process what they could, but it’s not gonna be a fully manned, and fully staffed operations.”

Representatives from Savant Capital Management say a recession may not be the outcome of a government shutdown.

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