Could A Trans Fat Ban Hurt Local Farmers?

- Freeport- The crops on Steve Fricke’s Freeport farm could get a slight makeover. The FDA is looking to ban Trans Fats and hydrogenated oils from all foods.

Fricke says the ban could cause some minor hiccups for farmers like him. Fricke says “the big changes that we would have to make would be growing products that have a different genetic makeup so they can have an oil that the public can use and feel comfortable with so that it doesn’t go bad.”

Fricke says a Trans Fat ban would be more of a processing issue then an agriculture issue. But there will be costs.

“Fricke says “I think the process could be somewhat expensive because we’re changing genetics again and those processes and the expense of those processes are definitely passed down to us in the price of the seed.”

From popcorn to doughnuts. A lot of the products you see in your local grocery stores contain Trans Fat. But how dangerous are they?

ABC News Medical Correspondent Dr. Richard Besser says “when you consume Trans Fats it throws off your cholesterol, it raises your LDL, which is also known as your bad cholesterol. It lowers your HCL which is your good cholesterol, which leads to increase plugging of your arteries.”

Besser says there will be some opposition to the ban, but says Trans Fats won’t be missed too much.

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