Could Drones Be the Solution to Help the Local Housing Market?

- Rockford- This drone isn’t for military use, but it is on a mission. That mission is to help the hurting local housing market. With four propellers turning at 7200 RPM’s, the drone can travel up to a quarter of a mile. And it’s controlled by in IPhone.

Dan Isaacson of Cavu Investments says "It has a safety feature that allows it to come back to me if I lose contract with it, because it's synchronized by about ten different satellites at any given time."

The drone lets potential homebuyers see houses from a completely different point of view. Isaacson says "Now you're able to see, what the nearby park looks like. What does the neighbor's houses look like. What does the neighborhood look like. Is it a quiet street? How close is the nearest supermarket? All those things you can't capture in traditional photography."

The drone is used at Gambino Realtors. Jonathan Krause of Gambino Realtors says "My agents love it; we're still trying to find the best ways to use the technology,"

But he’s not sure if the drones will help the housing market take flight. Krause says "It's too early to tell. I don't think we can say it's a game changer yet, it's just something that will probably become more and more common place and people will just expect to see those things”

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