Could Stateline Teens Be Heading to Wisconsin to Tan?


Beloit- It’s now illegal for those under the age of 18 to use a tanning salon in Illinois. But it may not stop teenage tanners who live near the Illinois-Wisconsin border from crossing over to tan they can use a salon at the age of 16.


Tanning salons in Beloit Wisconsin are hoping that’s the case.


Rachel Patete from Jagger Bay Tanning says “with being on the border, we definitely will probably see an increase in clientele younger then 18.”


The ban comes at an interesting time. Winter typically sees an uptick in business.


Cindy Stearns of Out of the Sun tanning says “kids are starting to prepare for spring break, and that sort of thing. Any type of vacation, and then there’s always winter dances, winter formals, that sort of thing. We will see a real pickup as we come towards prom season and wedding season.”


 And while the salons are excited for the potential new business, they want them to tan responsibly.


Patete says “we do provide an require that our clients wear protective eyewear so we do adhere to that. And the making sure that they allow 24 hours in between tanning sessions cause it is important that we protect our clients as well.”


The salons say they do ID heavy to make sure everybody tanning is of age, and that Stateliners are tanning in moderation.

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