County Clerk Mullins Resigns Before Term Ends

For the interim position, the County Board Chairman recommends an appointee

WINNEBAGO COUNTY - A Winnebago County mainstay calls it quits after nearly forty years of service. Clerk Margie Mullins is stepping down with nearly a year left in her term.

"It's probably going to very hard to walk out the door," said Mullins.

Her term as clerk expires with the November 2018 general election, but she has chosen January 31st as her last day with the County. She says after speaking with her growing family for a few months, they decided it was time.

"We had all just gotten to a point in our lives," said Mullins. "I've been here 36 years. It was just time to shut this chapter of my life, and start a new chapter."

Of her 36 years, Mullins served more than 11 years as Winnebago County Clerk. She says the position has seen many changes over her tenure. "Years ago it used to be when you were County Clerk you got to sit at a desk and shuffle papers. I think any County Clerk you talk to now, even in the state of Illinois, there's no sitting down shuffling papers."

County Board Chairman Frank Haney says the search for her temporary replacement until the November election has already begun. He would prefer to find someone who does not want to run for the job.

"It's not to say a candidate couldn't do a great job, but they're busy campaigning," said Haney. "I think it becomes a distraction."

Haney adds the current County Clerk is not formally part of the appointing decision but he says  he will seek Mullins' input. "She has a great perspective, she's been doing this for a long time. Margie works very closely with our office, with board meetings."

For the interim position, the County Board Chairman recommends an appointee who must be approved by the board. By state law, they must be a democrat, like Mullins.


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