County Officials to Start Flooding Assessments and Inspections


In Machesney Park days after the Rock River crested neighborhoods are still being ravaged by flood waters.


Resident Scott Johnson is happy he didn't have to evacuate, but it was a close call.


"We were at the point where we were almost going to move out. We had packed all the boxes in the house," said Johnson.


Instead Johnson stuck it out parking on dry land a few houses away then wading home.


Johnson points to the street in front of his house and explains "right there is where the road stopped. You can see that they put a mark there, but it actually came up about another foot."


Johnson is unpacking while many of his neighbors remain flooded out. It's now up to officials to figure out the best way to go about damage assessments and inspections.


Dumpsters have been placed all along Shore Drive to help residents clean up. It's just one of the many ways Winnebago County is helping flood victims for now.


Machesney Park Community Development Coordinator Greg Anderson says the village is still in the middle of four phases to buyout damaged homes from the 2008 and 2010 floods.


Before they can determine home buyout numbers for this year the dollar amount of damage needs to be submitted to state and federal agencies including FEMA.  


"They have to have an actual count on dollars of what damage is before they can move forward. Because they have to put the monies in place," explained Anderson.


It's a lengthy process that could take years, for now residents and city leaders taking flood recovery one day at a time.


County officials will wait until the Rock River has receded to 10 feet before they start assessments and inspections. They're aiming for next week.


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