Craigslist Users Beware

- ROCKFORD - Many Stateline residents who are looking to buy or sell a cell phone, computer, or any other type of electronic you can think of log onto Craigslist to start their search.

Ricky Sanchez, an avid user of Craigslist and a resident of Rockford said “I buy game systems, books, electronics, and stuff like that. I have never had an issue with them.”

Sanchez may not have had any trouble with Craigslist yet, but the Rockford police department says others in the area have.

Deputy Chief Hopkins of the Rockford Police Department said that there are dangers when you connect with someone on the web. “the exchange does not go as planned, and the suspect actually robs or steals from the buyer.”

The Rockford police department arrested 22 year old Trivell Smith Thursday, for aggravated battery. Smith met with four people on separate occasions, who had advertised the sale of their electronics on Craigslist.

Deputy Chief Hopkins said that the sometime users take more then just the item advertised. “they meet with the victim and are not only planning to take the item, but also whatever currency and money they have with them at the time.”

Deputy Chief Hopkins of the Rockford police department says asking questions are a good way to stay out of trouble. “something as simple as why are you selling this item? if the item seems to be ridiculously a good deal, then there is something wrong with the deal.”

Other Craigslist users said they have had problems before with the site, but the fast cash keeps them coming back for more.

Sanchez said “we stayed away for a little bit, but we need the money and we need it now. we do not have time to wait around for e-bay. So we put them on craigslist now

Amy Thompson, who has a current post on the website, says if she is buying or selling, she chooses the meeting place. “I would never meet anyone that says meet me here, that is just asking for trouble.”

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