Critter Camp: Pet Sanctuary to be Featured on Reality TV Show

- GERMAN VALLEY -- What started as a pet research project has bubbled over into a massive stateline animal sanctuary. Now, it's about to get another boost into the national spotlight.

"Right now we have about 350 of about 30 different species," said Beth Randall, Director and Founder of Critter Camp.

All the animals are housed at Critter Camp in German Valley. It's a pet sanctuary founded by Randall. It's the only one like it in the nation.

"Our main focus is to give a home to small, unadoptable unusual pets other than cats and dogs," said Randall.

Critter Camp also educates people about the dangers of owning exotic animals, like Sabrina the tortoise.

"A teenager ordered her as a baby on the internet when she was about this big," said Randall.

But she'll grow to be more than double what she is now.

"It just floors me of the animals people have," said Diane Heeren, Critter Camp board member.

Even Heeren says she can't get over what Randall is doing all from inside her two story home.

"You want to know the truth?" asked Heeren, "I thought is this crazy or what?" 

"What we want to do is build a stand alone facility and then take care of 3 times as many animals and educate 10 times as many people," Randall said.

On Saturday, A bomb dropped on this cramped critter camp. A new reality show called "Animal House" says it's ready to help Randall on her mission.

"It's very similar to extreme makeover home edition but for animal rescues and shelters," said Alycia Hadfield, Creator and Producer of "Animal House".

Critter Camp is locked in for the show's first season which could mean an extreme makeover, shelter edition, for a lot of animals.

"I'm over the moon as they say," said Randall. "I've never used that phrase, before but I am over the moon!"

"Animal House" is still filming it's pilot episode, so no word yet on which network will host the show. In the mean time if you'd like to help Critter Camp, which is a non profit, there's a bunch of different ways you can make a difference. Go to their website by clicking here.

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