DCFS Reporting 4 Child Drowning Deaths This Week Alone

- Summertime and the livin's easy. Alpine Pool was packed with kids trying to cool off, but how can parents prevent their little ones from getting hurt?


Mom Andrea Cutler says swim lessons saved her daughter's life.


"We took my daughter fishing and she slipped off of her chair and fell in. And she knew exactly what to do. She got right up; she knew how to get out," explained Cutler.


Even though Cutler was sitting right next to her daughter the incident happened in a split-second.


"I just think swimming lessons are a life skill that everyone should have. I know they have adult swimming lessons here for people who didn't learn how to swim when they were little. It's just a safety issue," said Cutler.


Also a safety issue, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is underscoring the need for parents to supervise kids.


This comes after the department reports four child drowning deaths in the last week across the state.


The Rock River Valley YMCA is also advising caregivers keep a watchful eye.


"If they can just take time and make sure that they're with them while they're swimming and not just leaving them to go to the pool or leaving them to go to a lake. Just so that they're around and they're present that's the biggest tip," said Northeast YMCA Branch Associate Executive Director Brent Pentenburg.


Even though life guards go through water rescue training a child can drown in seconds in as little as one inch of water.


Pentenburg advises families educate themselves to prevent accidents.



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