"Deadbeat Mom" Owes Rockford Man Nearly $30,000


ROCKFORD--One father is represented at a hearing to receive child support from the mother of his 10-year-old daughter, but his legal team is offering the mother advice in court.

Wayman Gulley, Jr. says this wouldn't happen if the shoe were on the other foot and that kind of favoritism towards "deadbeat moms" is gives them an unfair advantage.

"Most of the time, it's the men paying child support," Gulley said. "I'm asking for child support. I'm asking to exercise my rights. I'm not asking for nothing extra."

Gulley says he's been fighting for more than three years to receive back pay of nearly $30,000 to support his daughter, Destiny, and he says the system is stacked against him.

"It's historically in their mind that they think that the woman ought to have the child," Gulley said. "They start off like that, even the states attorney give me that impression and then you know in my case, I'm a black minority and you don't often see that too much."

Gulley said the mother has moved to Florida to elude paying, but he says he's not alone in situations like this.

"I'm not the only man and I speak up for men, and I would recommend that men speak up and fight," Gulley said. "Stand up and fight, and if they have a deadbeat mom, stand up."

"I'm not the only man who takes care of a child."

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