Deceased Candidates on Ballots Raise Questions

His name is right there on the ballot. Mark Rydberg is one of five men running for Loves Park's Third Ward Alderman seat. However, if he wins, he will not serve.

"I've been in the election department since the early 1980's and this is the first time that we've had a gentleman pass away that's on the ballot." Says Winnebago County Board Member Margie Mullins. She's never seen anything like it. A candidate who passed away just a month before the election. She says his name will remain on the ballot.


"His name is going to stay on the ballot and if he is to win that position after the votes have all been tallied and certified, then the city of Loves Park will have to appoint somebody to fill his term."


Eric Feine has been highway commissioner of the Rock Run Township for fourteen years. His opponent Randall Boyer also passed away in March. Feine says "he was a gentleman, and he lived in our township and regardless, I don't wish anyone in our township to pass away."


The Boyer Family is still campaigning for Randall. They hope a Boyer victory will mean the township will choose somebody new for the job. Feine hopes his hard work will get him re-elected. While confident, he is not ruling out his chances of losing to Randall. "My confidence is in our constituents. Feine says. I would be shocked."


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