Deer Goes Through Window of Real Estate Office

This realty office in Roscoe gets an unexpected visitor, a buck who made its way in through one of its windows.

"It sounds like he was a buck probably looking for a new place for its family," said Ryan Sullivan, Realtor at Dickerson & Nieman Realtors.  

Sullivan says this was their first break-in animal or otherwise.

"Its been quite the buzz here at our office. Twenty years no break-ins but one deer through the window it was definitely news for us," said Sullivan. 

It's not known why the deer broke-in through the window but Rick Anderson owner of Summerfield zoo says it was probably fear.

"It's hard to say exactly why but deer themselves are pray animals so flighty and jumpy and they do get scared quiet easily especially if they do wander into a town where there's buildings And they don't belong. And, they get even more scared when they don't necessarily notice what a window might be." 

And, Anderson says deer busting into buildings isn't all that uncommon around here.

"It doesn't happen every day but it does happen more than just once a year or something."

"I expect maybe they'll give us a few calls and make a few jokes ask how the deer is doing," said Sullivan.

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