DeKalb County Police Cracking Down on Copper Theft

The sign says no trespassing, but that’s not stopping people from breaking burglarizing these cell phone towers.

Deputy Chief of DeKalb County Police Department Gary Dumdie says “We’ve had many thefts over the years, and quite a few this year again.”

This Shabbona tower is just one of many DeKalb County cell phone towers in the past year that’s been broken into.

Dumdie says the thieves are after the copper that’s inside the cables. He says “the price of scrap is very high. We have for years now with the recycling cost and everything, the scrap metal is quite valuable so whatever they can steal, they’ll take it.”

The copper thieves try selling the material to recycling centers and scrap years. Dumdie has these companies on high alert.

But finding these burglars is going to require help from DeKalb County residents.

If you have any information regarding the thefts please contact DeKalb County Crime stoppers at (815) 985-3272.

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