DeKalb Police Investigating Fight Involving Armed Gunmen

- DEKALB -- DeKalb Police tell 'Eyewitness News' that a fight between two groups in the parking lot of the Travel Inn resulted in gunfire, but say no one was hit.

It happened at around 12:30pm.  Police say someone pulled out a gun during the fight in the motel just south of NIU, and hit another person over the head with it.  Gunfire then erupted, but fortunately, it appears no one was wounded.

The man who was hit in the head with the pistol received minor head injuries, and did not go to the hospital.

Police say they are questioning about ten people who may have been involved in the fight or witnessed it. There were people who were dropped back off at the hotel in a police van. It is unclear if they were involved in the altercation.

Truck driver Jason Brown is staying at the hotel and heard gunshots. Brown says "When I saw police come up, I ran across the street to let them know I saw a group of guys going torwards the college. The group of people were pretty shaken, they were pretty upset."

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