Diane's Law To Help Protect Domestic Violence Victims

WTVO/WQRF - Governor Quinn signed Diane's Law on Thursday, a new measure that allows the courts to order risk assessments and electronic surveillance of those charged with domestic abuse.  State leaders believe the new law will make it easier for police to enforce restraining orders.

"We need to help protect victims and prevent future tragedies from occurring" says Gov. Pat Quinn.

GPS tracking would be used to track offenders.  Risk assessments would be used to determine their bail.

The law is named after Diane Kephart, who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in March 2013.  She was killed just days after renewing her restraining order against him.

"I think of mom every day" says her daughter, Jamie Kephart.  "[I] wonder how much different life could have been if this bill was around a year and a half ago.  I pray that it helps protect victims affected by domestic violence the way it is intended to do."

The law goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

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