Did You Attend Church Sunday?

- Rockford- This was the first time Paul Smith went to church in more than a decade.

Rockford resident Paul Smith says “honestly what got me away from church, it was just the life I was living and not really understanding the word.”

Back to Church Sunday’s goal is to introduce, or for some re-introduce people to the church. A recent study done by the Pew Research Center shows nearly three in ten adults say they rarely attend church.

Pastor K. Edward Copeland of New Zion Baptist Church says “I think that there’s a big shift in our culture as it relates to relativnism you know what’s true for me and may not be true for you.”

Pastor Copeland says negative stereotypes have cast a long shadow on the church, and that the perception of  media, and people who claim to be Christians not acting in a Christian way can sometimes push people away.

As for Paul Smith, he was so impressed with the service Sunday, that he joined the church.

Smith says “I’m very happy. Being older now, having kids, I can understand a lot now what my parents used to try and tell me about being in church. I can understand now about the word that was given to me earlier in life.”

For more information on Back To Church Sunday you can visit their website at http://backtochurch.com/

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