Dillard Campaign Gains Support As Primary Approaches

- ROCKFORD - State Senator Kirk Dillard, a Republican candidate for Illinois governor said his chances of winning are getting better, as the primary election grows closer.

Kirk Dillard and the Dillard Campaign told Stateline residents on Sunday, that the race for governor is far from over.

“I think that Kirk has a chance to pull this one out, but turn out is going to be key on Tuesday, this election is not over.” said former Governor, Jim Edgar.

Edgar who endorses Dillard for Illinois Governor said that although Dillard’s campaign numbers were low in the past, he is now in a great spot.  “There is no doubt that he is behind, I mean Bruce Rauner has spent millions of dollars on his campaign. Illinois has never seen that kind of money spent on an election, he is close to being a billionaire, and he is spending a lot of it.”

Senator Dillard said that the race is now between himself and candidate Bruce Rauner. “There is no doubt that this race is between Bruce Rauner and myself, Senator Rutherford, and Senator Brady can not win. So it is a wasted vote, to be polite.” Said Dillard.

Edgar says that primary elections are hard to judge, and thinks that the primary depends on voter turn out.   “The voter turn out is going to be the key on Tuesday. This election is not over; anyone who thinks that it is settled does not understand primary politics.  The primary election has a low turn out rate, so it does not take many votes to swing it”

The campaign believes that without Bruce Rauner’s money and social status, Dillard would be in first.   “If it was not for Bruce Rauner’s money, I would probably be ahead three to one.”

With recent endorsements Dillard believes that is campaign is surging at the right time.  “Well, the campaign is peaking at the right time for us. All of the momentum is on my side” said Dillard.

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