Disaster Drill Held at Rockford Airport

Parts of a plane scattered on the scene. Emergency vehicles on site. Injured Stateliners pleading for medical attention. It's part of a simulated disaster drill held at the Rockford Airport.


Rockford Fire Department Chief Derek Bergsten says "for us to be trained to the highest level possible to respond to mitigate that incident is very important for me as the chief of this department and every member takes it very seriously."


The drill takes place every three years. Twenty different agencies responding to the crash, which they will later be evaluated on.


Bergsten says "we found areas, things we do really well, and areas that we can do some things a little better in so that's the reason why we do these and practice it so when it comes to real life situations, we are able to perform and serve the citizens of Rockford and Winnebago County the best way possible.


Representatives say this could not have been done without the volunteers. Volunteers like Barb and Brad England.

Barbs' assigned injury was a sharp metal object stuck in her neck, while Brad assisted responders. They know the importance of disaster drills.


Barb England says "I hope to never be involved in a real life situation like this, but I think it's a good idea to have them practice should anything like this occur. The first responders need the practice and need the drills to stay sharp"


Staying sharp is a must. Because being on the same page will help them prepare for any situations they have to deal with.


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