Dixon Father Kills 5-Year-Old Son in Murder/Suicide

The victim was only 5 years-old.

DIXON - UPDATE (10:24pm) - Dixon Police say Robert Michaels, 33, shot and killed his son Christopher Michaels, 5, in a murder/suicide.  This happened at their home on Fargo Avenue in Dixon.  Police say Christopher and his mother went to Robert Michaels' home on Monday afternoon for a visit.  Robert then brought his son upstairs.  He said it was to play video games.  The mother followed, but Robert asked her to grab something downstairs.  He then barricaded the door.  Shortly after, the mother heard two gunshots and called police.


10 officers forced their way into the room.  But, once they got inside, Dixon Police Chief Danny Langloss says they saw one of the most horrific crime scenes they've ever experienced.


"There's nothing worse for our officers [than] to come into a situation like this and see such a horrific, senseless scene," said Langloss.  "A five year-old boy, helpless, defenseless, and hopeless at the hand of his father and a handgun.  This, by far, is the worst situation our officers have been involved in in a very long time.


The responding officers, nine from the Dixon Police Dept. and one from the Lee Co. Sheriff's Office, are on paid administrative leave for at least the next three days.  At that point, they'll be reevaluated to see if they're mentally fit to return to duty.  They will be offered counseling services.


Langloss also said that Roberts Michaels was under investigation for child sexual abuse.  The incident allegedly happened last week.  The victim in that case was not his son.  The Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) had come up with a safety plan that prevented Michaels from having contact with his son.  Counselors will be provided at Christopher's school.  He was a kindergartner at St. Anne's.


Dixon police say a young child has been killed in a murder/attempted suicide.

It happened this afternoon.  Limited details are available at this time.

The Dixon Police Chief is holding a briefing later tonight.  More details as we get them.

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