Dozens Walk the Streets of Downtown Rockford Praying to End Poverty and Violence

Step by step dozens walk the streets of downtown Rockford praying to end poverty, disease, and violence in the Forest City. (see attached video)

It's the annual Good Friday walk for justice.

"Good Friday is the Christian traditional day for commemorating Christ's death on the cross," said Stanley Campbell, Executive Director of Rockford Urban Ministries. 

Starting at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, the group led by Rockford Urban Ministries, carried a ten foot, 75- pound wooden cross up and down the streets, making 14 stops, symbolizing the 14 stations of the cross.

"The stations of the cross is a long time tradition in the Christian faith where you go and walk the 14 stations that Jesus suffered," said Campbell. 

A couple of places the group prayed at include the Justice Center and Lutheran Social Services. Each stop was chosen for a specific reason.

"Anywhere where somebody has the power to create social justice we're prayfully putting it out there that they will do their job in a prayful and just way," said Dan Kelly a long time walker.

"It really is very special. I can't call it celebration but a very special and moving service," said Kay King a fourth year participant of the walk.

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