Eclipse Glasses In High Demand As They Sell Out

Special glasses needed to watch Monday's eclipse sell out.

ROCKFORD - Monday's solar eclipse is causing quite a frenzy. Millions of people will be able to see it nationwide, but you can't just go outside and watch it. You need a special pair of glasses. The demand for those glasses is so high, no retailer can keep up and word of the places that were giving them out for free spread fast.

"Everybody is out of them," said shopper Barton Henbest.

"I checked with the library, none of the libraries have them anymore. I checked with Lowe's, Lowe's doesn't have them. Came to Best Buy as a last ditch effort, they don't have them."

The Rockford Public Library did have free pairs to give out all week. They're all gone now, the last six pairs went out the door today.

"I did not expect the huge line when we opened up on Monday," said Rockford Public Library employee Chris Smith. "I didn't expect how many people came in here actually."

One of the requirements the library had, a valid Rockford Public Library card. That sent registrations through the roof, making it tough on library workers.

"The overwhelming part was trying to, with the short staff that we have, answering phones, and giving out cards, signing up people and giving away glasses, at the same time."

Local business owners Mark and Monika Clodius wanted to join in on the eclipse frenzy. They decided to buy one thousand pairs of glasses to give away to community members.

"We really had this crazy idea," said Clodius & Co. Jewelers owner Mark Clodius. "Let's buy a bunch of glasses and just give them away, just for fun. And to help people be able to see one of the most amazing sights in nature."

Clodius says if you googled 'solar eclipse glasses' in Illinois earlier this week, their offer was a top result. That caught them off guard.

"There's a little bit of a panic," said Clodius & Co. Jewelers owner Monika Clodius. "Now, you have people traveling from quite a distance away and they hopefully want to have some of these glasses and yet we're running out."

Clodius and Company Jewelers is also all out of the glasses. If you weren't able to get a pair, NASA has do-it-yourself alternatives on their website. We will also be streaming images from NASA on our website on Monday.

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