Emergency Responders Practice For Vehicle Extrications

- ROCKFORD - Emergency responders from all over the Stateline competed at the 22nd Annual Midwest Regional Extrication Competition Saturday, and were able to share tips and tricks to use during vehicle extrication.

When first responders arrive to the scene of severe accident, they must assess the situation and come up with a rescue plan on scene, many times which involves emergency vehicle extrication. “You never know, sometimes they are really bad because of all the high speed traffic and highways around here.” Said Lieutenant Gay of the Cherry Valley Fire Department

Local fire officials deal with dozens of extrications every year on Stateline highways and roads. When they arrive to the scene of an accident and see the damaged car, they have just minutes to get the victim out of the car and to safety. Lt. Gay said “We have 60 minutes for the patients EMS care, the fireman has 20 minutes out of that hour to get the victim out, and to a level one trauma center for further care.”

During that process the teams use different tools to remove pieces of the vehicle. They drill and saw away at the metal and remove the glass windshield and windows. They also make sure to cover the victims with protective blankets so they are not harmed any further. The teams are usually made up of six responders and include a commander and a medic who goes inside of the vehicle to stabilize the victims. “The medic will make sure they are doing okay throughout the process and make sure they know what the noise is, and make sure they are stable, and will also provide medical care until they are freed from the crash.” Said Lt. Gay

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