Epperson Saga Continues In Court Next Month

- ROCKFORD - Lawyers representing Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson, The Police Union, and Rockford’s Board of Fire and Police Commissioners now have a chance to argue in open court which party has final authority over the Chief of police.

Winnebago County judge, Eugene Doherty is giving lawyers from both sides a chance to argue who has the authority over police Chief Chet Epperson.  Doherty made this decision to stop the commission from continuing to investigate and potentially discipline Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson over an incident involving Rockford NAACP president Lloyd Johnston.

Judge Doherty wants the attorneys to review city ordinances and laws before making a formal argument. The main question that will be answered is does Mayor Morrissey or the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners have control over the chief.  Epperson’s attorney, Thomas McGuire says “The motion to dismiss should be granted on the basis that the board of fire and police commissioners has no legal authority to go forward with this hearing."

Both sides will make their arguments on August 13th, when the judge will make a final ruling on who has authority.

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