Failing Freeport School Forces District to Remove Teachers

FREEPORT- Carl Sandburg Middle School will soon have some changes to its staff.  The Board of Education voted to restructure the school after it fails for years to meet academic standards.

"I would say really within about the last two weeks the decision was made that they would go ahead and pursue this removal of the staff from the building, which is one of their options under the federal restructuring," said Regional Superintendent Aaron Mercier.

Freeport School District #145 explained their decision to follow the No Child Left Behind imposed plan stating "it is obviously a decision that weighs very heavily on everyone involved, but the board was clear that it must act in the best interests of students."

Staff that will be affected are all 5th grade teachers and the principal. This also includes all 6th, 7th and 8th grade teachers in English, Language Arts, Math, and Special Education.

Nearly 30 staff members will be relocated to other positions within the district.

Many of the school's parents tell Eyewitness News they weren't aware that teachers would be moved from the school.

Carl Sandburg Middle School will now focus on a new model of instruction to reenergize students and teachers.

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