Fake Cops Trying To Pull Over Stateline Drivers

- ROCKFORD - “Why am I being followed, like I didn’t get it” said Talena Morefield, a Stateline woman who had just left work Wednesday night, when she saw flashing Red and Blue lights behind her on Harrison Avenue. “They started flashing Red and Blue lights at me, and once we got back to Mulford, they started doing it again, and then they pulled up to the left side of me”

Morefield knew that this was not a traffic stop, and that the men in the vehicle were not police officers. So she called the police and reported that fake cops were following her. “She did what people should do, it is text book, and she was unsure If it was a police officer, she seemed skeptical and called 911.” Said Deputy Chief Scott Meyers

Chief Meyers says that the Winnebago County Sheriffs police dispatch were able to confirm that it was not a police vehicle. “They see Red and Blue lights and they just pull over, and 99 out of 100 times, it is going to be a cop, but there is that one time that we don’t know what their intent is”

Morefield said her mind was racing. “Everything was going through my mind, just to be smart, be wise, and do what I had to do, to prevent anything bad from happening like that.”

Meyers believes that the 2 office impersonators were doing this with some criminal purpose in mind. “If they are going to the effort of putting red and blue lights on their vehicle, and then attempting to pull people over, that is taking significant steps, and that is more than kids messing around”

Morefield was able to give the police a good description and a license plate number “We have some pretty good leads on this case, investigators have been handed the case and I think that their will be a good resolution to this case” said Chief Meyers

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