Famous Roscoe Ship Gets Destroyed By Storms


ROSCOE –The first thing you see is the boat sitting on its side, with splintered wood and cracked boards. The ship was built by Tony Miller last year for his wedding, but now it looks just like a shipwreck.

"We didn't know what exactly happen even after the big rush of wind. I looked outside and noticed the tree was gone and it was my favorite tree by the drive way; and only until I saw the lightning, the lightning bolt was flashing the ship that's when I knew the ship was lost," said Tony Miller.

He says it took him approximately 4 months to start putting the ship together, but it took 7 years to design and created on paper. However, it took only 15 seconds to tip it over.

The Millers were hoping to use this ship to show their 5-month-old baby daughter the memories of their love.

"We just had our first daughter and we were hoping to have her baptism out here and first birthday and things like that; and now she won't get to see it, so it's sad," said his wife Kaela Miller.

Despite this setback, neighbors are already offering to help the Millers rebuild the ship, and they are positive about the future.

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