Fatigued Driving a Problem Amongst Stateline Truckers

- Rockford- Illinois State Police say tired drivers show some of the same behavior as drunk drivers.
Master Sergeant Carl Heintz of Illinois State Police says "When their responses to other traffic or traffic control devices and signals are delayed, and they travel outside of their lane."

Ken Bons of the truck driving school Spirit CDL says he warns his students about the dangers of driving long hours. He says "Every couple of hours pull over. Rest area, whatever it is, pull over, get out and stretch your legs. Don't get to the point where you're so tired that's there's even a chance for you to fall asleep behind the wheel of that truck"

He says companies are forcing truckers to drive overtime because they’re short staffed. Bons adds "The shippers and corporate America, they don't care about the driver all they care about is the money and getting the freight in and out, and how long that driver sits out there, they don't care."

He says it’s hard for them to find parking as well because most truck stops fill up in the early evening.

Police urge drivers to steer clear of the roads if they’re tired. Regardless of the situation.

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