Feeding the Hungry

One by one these young helping hands pack thousands of these meal packages that will each feed five starving children (see attached video). Hundreds of students from preschoolers to high school students unite with a group called Servant Leaders at Highland Community College. To help feed the hungriest children in the world, most meals going to Haiti.

"I've seen everything from children giving their allowance in change to companies coming through and churches coming through with checks that feed thousands of children," said Kim Pool, Director of the Servant Leadership Program at Highland Community College.

Mike Young, Regional Vice President, of Kids Around the World said feeding the hungry is a cause that everyone should care about.

"We had people that haven't had a meal in two weeks we've got children in Haiti that only one in five live to see their first birthday because of malnourishment."

Young says people of all ages can find ways to make a difference in the world.

"Someone has got to find a way to feed these kids we're all for those who want to find ways to grow food and help them sustain their own way of living but someone's got to feed them until they do."

And by helping out people can learn at the same time.

"We understand hunger in the United States but we don't understand it to the degree that they do," said Young.

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