Fill 'er Up! Lowest August 1st Gas Prices in Illinois in Four Years

WTVO/WQRF -- While $3.58 for a gallon of gas may not seem cheap at first, especially for families struggling to make ends meet, the Chicago-based website says it is the lowest prices we've seen on August 1st in four years.

By a lot!

Today's gas prices are more than 20 cents lower per gallon than any August 1st in the past four years.

It's also a sign of how volatile oil and gasoline prices have become, because these low prices come after the highest 4th of July gas prices in 6 years according to Gasbuddy.

GasBuddy predicts that, "August should be a transitional month with average prices drifting as a surprisingly robust driving season comes to its conclusion on September 1, but ... analysts predict that pump prices will almost certainly slide this autumn." That's in part because the current energy boom in the U.S. is putting downward pressure on the price of oil.

A chart for all 50 states is included, and you can get local a regional pump prices by going to

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