Fixing Water Main Breaks Can Cost a Pretty Penny


Freeport- City workers are dealing with another water main break. This is number 17 for the “Pretzel City.”


Director of Freeport Utility Operations Tom Glendenning says “we’re probably at about fifty percent over what we’ve seen in the previous winters due to the additional cost and everything that we’re experiencing. The frost is driving deep into the ground with these subzero temperatures and it’s causing an excessive amount of water main breaks.”


Fixing these pipes can cost a pretty penny. They can range from up to one thousand dollars to twelve thousand. The excessive amounts of water mains breaking have put Freeport in a funding crunch.


Glendenning says “we try to budget as close as we can from previous years, but we’re coming close to max. But we just cut expenses and work around. You gotta keep water in service at all times.”




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