Flooding a Concern for Dekalb, Lee and Whiteside Counties

DEKALB- Cars pass over a partially frozen Kishwaukee River. Roman Hasiuk's home is nearby on the Kishwaukee. 

"It’s worked out all right," explained Hasiuk.

But he's not holding his breath. With the chance for flooding, Hasiuk pays attention to recent warnings and the water's level. 

"We just keep a watch on the river and just make sure it doesn't get up too high. But because of the lay of the land we've been pretty good so far," said Hasiuk.

With the ground frozen, melting snow and rain means the water has nowhere to go.

"Right now we're seeing anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of liquid water stuck up in all that snow. And once it melts over the next few days it's as if we've gotten two or three inches of rain," said NIU Staff Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste.

Also meaning ice on local rivers will start to break up and float. That floating could cause an ice jam, especially in low-lying areas or by bridges like this one on Bethany Road in DeKalb.

"We may see a build up of ice big enough so that we get an ice jam. And when you get an ice jam right behind it is where you get very rapid flooding to occur," said Sebenste.

He says even once this weather system passes, freezing temperatures followed by thawing will likely make ice jams a continuing problem.

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