For the First Time, Rockford City Market Falls on Independence Day

- Rockford- For the first time, a Friday Fourth of July cancels Rockford City Market. But it won’t stop four vendors from working the stars and stripes parade.

Ronit Golan from Ronit’s Kitchen says “It’s good publicity out here. And again people that have never had my food before will see it here and think why not? I’m right here.” Ronit’s husband will also be open for business at State of the Contemporary Art Gallery on the holiday.

The Fourth of July Committee wants more food options for Stateliners outside of Davis Park. So they gave city market vendors the chance to volunteer, but only four offered their service.

Emilia Almonaci plans on making extra cash by keeping her corn roasted, and her churros fresh. She says "I know that many places are closed and I acknowledged that many people are hungry and they look for some food on that day”

While local vendor Anjan’s Eats hopes their grilled hot dogs and chicken will bring fireworks. Anita Luna of Anjan’s Eats says "we plan to be there when the parade ends and we're not sure how late we're gonna stay if we have food we'll stay until after the fireworks."

The four vendors that will be open during the Fourth of July will be Anjan’s Eats, Lulu’s Roasted Corn, Snow Delicious, and Ronit’s Kitchen. City market will extend their season an extra week because of the cancellation,

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