LOVES PARK -- If you're one of those who think the 'Transform Rockford' movement is moving too slowly, Woodward CEO Tom Gendron says he hears that all the time. But he says the process needs to move slowly to be effective. "I really do believe up front you have to go slow to go fast," Gendron says.

And in an effort to help keep people engaged in the process, both Gendron and Transform Rockford's Executive Director Mike Schalblaske held an informal news conference Friday to urge people to attend the community vision rally on July 9th. "So this is really an important one," Gendron says. It will be a summary of the input of more than 5000 people who attended more than 40 visioning sessions, an outline of the shared vision and value the people of Rockford really want. "From there," Gendron says, "we'll be talking about how do we get to that, so this is really laying out the vision of where we would like to be."

And if the first meeting was about laying out Rockford's brutal facts, this one will probe to see if Transform Rockford is hitting on the right solutions. "Does this sound like the community you want to live in -- did we hear correctly?" Gendron says the session will openly ask.

Gendron and Schalblaske understand some solutions may be controversial -- and potentially politically unpopular -- but they hope area political leaders who've seen the process will buy into whatever shared vision it creates. "This is the vision of the people," he says.

The Community Vision Session will be held July 9th at the Coronado beginning at 6:30pm. It is free and open to the public.  'Eyewitness News' will air the session live on MyNet TV Channel 17.2.

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