Forum Educates Ogle County Voters

- ROCHELLE - Voters who will be casting their ballots in the Ogle county primary election on March 18th were able to get an up-close look at who the candidates are, and what they want to do for their county.

Ogle county voters piled into a local election forum Sunday to learn more about the candidates they will be seeing on their primary ballot in March.

Norm Jenkins, a moderator at the Ogle County forum said “we are looking specifically at what backgrounds the candidates have to perform the duties of their respected offices whether its sheriff or states attorney”

The three candidates running for the Ogle County sheriff are incumbent sheriff Michael Harn, the Rock Valley College Police Chief, Joe Drought, and Brian VanVickle, a K-9 officer with the Rochelle police department.

This is the first time since Sheriff Harn was elected in 2010, that he has had to run against other candidates. Although, he stated Sunday that he is confident in his effect on the county. “when I took office in 2010 I promised I would do more with less, because of the poor economy” said Harn.

Candidate Brian Van Vickle said that he wants to take a look at the economic state of the county, and focus in on the budget.

Candidate Joe Drought said he believes that his experience as the Rock Valley College police chief has prepared him to be the next Ogle County sheriff.

The two candidates running for the Ogle County States Attorney position are incumbent Mike Rock and Eric Morrow. They let the forum audience know that they are ready to serve and protect the county.

“Experience here in Ogle County, not only as the assistant states attorney but also as a public defender and as a private attorney.” said states attorney candidate Eric Morrow.

Mike Rock, the current states attorney said “ive done every single thing in the states attorneys’ office, and everything in the court room.

From juvenile offenses, to traffic tickets and more serious cases such as felony charges. That is why I think uniquely qualifies me to be your states attorney”

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