FOX 39's Person You Should Know: Socks That Rock

What started out as an artistic vision, turned into a business for Joelene Chinn.

"I made my first doll and my family and friends, they laughed it made them smile and I really liked that reaction" said Chinn.

Chinn's dolls are unique because they are made entirely out of socks. And she says about 75 percent of the socks she uses are made in America. She started the hobby about four years ago and says she wanted to boycott "Made in China." She sews the socks into brightly colored dolls, dolls with pig tails, even dolls that look like John Lennon.

"I basically make a doll for all walks of life," Chinn said.

Chinn draws a lot of her artistic inspiration from her family

"My son's now 18... but he was like 'no offense mom, I really really like them and I really think they're cute, but can I have one that looks more like me?' So... I made the punk rocker one with the Mohawk," said Chinn, "and that's kind of what started the whole look of thses, a little more out-going, a little more twisted."

Chinn also draws inspiration for her art from music.

"Everybody listens to music," said Chinn, "so that's kinda how I came up with the name 'Socks That Rock'."

Her studio might be small, but Chinn's "Socks that Rock" dolls have reached Rachael Ray and of course have buyers from all over the Stateline area.

"I do what makes me feel good, what makes me happy and then as far as success for the business," said Chinn, "I think that just comes with whatever I'm doing."

And while business is great, it's not the best part of Chinn's job.

"The biggest gift from people is when they come and see my work or they have a doll the stories behind them... incredible."

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