Fraud Boxes Popping Out In The Stateline

- Boxes like this one near State Street and Mulford Village Drive have been popping out across the stateline. But don't assume it is there to receive donations for the less privileged. (see attached video)

"Sometimes these are actually for profit businesses masquerading as non-profits which is what makes it so frustrating because local charities go through so much work to develop our reputation and do good things for the community," said Lori Gummow, Executive Director at Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.

Gummow says boxes like this can mislead people that's why before they donate they should ask questions.

"What charity is it benefiting, what is the non-profit do they have charity status and again where are the proceeds of those materials going?"

Dennis Horton from the Better Business Bureau says there are ways to verify a charity's status.

"Any organization soliciting donations in the state of Illinois has to be registered with the Attorney General's office so if you have questions thats another source you can go to." 

You can also look in the Better Business Bureau website.

"The Better Business Bureau has a charitable side also but you can get that info by going to and put in the name of the charity that you want info on," said Horton.

The phone number listed on this box may also be a red flag. 

(voice mail recording) "Please leave your name number and any message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Thank you for calling." 

"They're so new they just popped up and we're right on top of it so I don't think we're going to give them much of an opportunity to take advantage of the citizens of Rockford," said Gummow.

To find out more information about a charity you can visit

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